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Ph.D registered Students

Number of Ph.Ds registered per eligible teacher during the last five years

Sr No Department Name of Research Guide Name of Students Title of Research Degree Year of Registration
1 Physics Dr. V. K. Gade Miss. S. A. Folane Synthesis and characterization of Polyaniline and Poly O-Anisidine film under galvanostatic conditions by using ECP techniques M.Phil. 2016
2 Physics Dr. V. K. Gade Mr. K. S. Paithankar Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline based graphitenanocomposite for development of biosensor Ph.D. 2015 (Awarded in 2019)
3 Physics Dr. V. K. Gade Miss. U. N. Shelke Synthesis of poly o-anisidine based biosensor for detection of toxic compound Ph.D. 2016 (Awarded in 2021)
4 Physics Dr. V. K. Gade Mr. V. B. Deshmukh Electrochemical synthesis of thin film for development of pesticide sensor Ph.D. 2016
5 Chemistry Dr.A.B. Gambhire Mr. Udhav Ghoshir Fly ash based hybrid materials characterization and catalytic applications Ph.D. 2016
6 Chemistry Dr.A.B. Gambhire Mr. Sagar Kande Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic applications of co-doped semiconducting material supported on carbon Ph.D. 2017 (Awarded in 2021 )
7 Chemistry Dr.A.B. Gambhire Mr. Sandeep Kanade Nano-structured cost effective metal catalyst for Energy application Ph.D. 2018

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